Boats repair in Oceanside, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Long Beach.

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Our services

Electrical systems
Modern electric systems are a very complex part of any boat. Experienced in troubleshooting wiring for both AC and DC systems.

Fiberglass and gelcoat
If you have damaged the body of your boat, or you want to improve any fiberglass components - we can help you. We have extensive experience with forms, fiberglass, carbon cloth and Gelcoat. We can also provide custom fiberglass parts and components.

Diagnostics and repair of diesel and gasoline engines, transmissions, desalination systems as well as diesel and gasoline generators.

Plumbing and climat systems
Water supply and removal systems and gray water storage are very important to maintain comfort on board. We repair these systems quickly and efficiently, and provide maintenance for smooth operation.We also produce diagnostics and repair of air conditioning systems.


We do maintenance on engines, transmissions, desalination systems as well as diesel and gasoline generators. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service.

Full cleaning
Salty water is harmful for a yacht's exterior and interior details. It is important to wash your boat after each walk with fresh water. It is also important to do a full cleaning of the cabin, cockpit, flybridge and boat body regularly. Salt water damages aluminum and stainless steel parts. We provide full service cleaning, which includes cleaning the underwater part of the boat, including the transmission and propellers, the body, and interior as well as polishing the body and metal parts.

Help of buying
We can provide due diligence service for search, selection and technical analysis to decrease the risk when purchasing a boat or yacht.

Install any equipment
We install auxiliary equipment on boats and yachts - from a simple fish finder to deployment of complex networks adhering to NMEA 2000 and RayNet standards.


If the floors in your old boat have deteriorated and you are concerned about safety, or you want to rebuild the cabin on your brand new yacht - we will be happy to assist you.

Exclusive audio
If you love great sound of your favorite music and do not want to abandon it on board - we can offer you the design and installation of high end audio equipment. We can set up multi-zone audio systems and concert equipment for parties on your yacht. Custom speaker and woofer design and installation also available.

Fiberglass parts making
Exclusive and limited production of parts made of fiberglass.

Interior and exterior lighting
Design of interior and exterior lighting systems. Upgrading existing systems.

Design of boat name
Your boat name is important - it accents the exterior appearance. We can create vinyl film with backlighting (very popular), but we can also do custom and unique solutions.

Customs tasks
We are always delighted with non-standard and customized tasks. Give us a task and we will come up with a solution, and create the necessary details to implement your idea!