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Carriage. Exclusive project
Carriage. Exclusive project

This is a unique project and a unique work. A Limousine on the water. A Carriage on the water. This unique boat was built by us in 2015, by the order of one entertainment complex. The purpose of this boat – romantic walks for couples and newlyweds.

The construction of this boat began with a piece of millimeter paper, where the cab of the carriage of the past centuries was drawn. On the basis of this sketch we made a frame of the cabin of aluminum profile. Then, the cabin was sheathed with plywood and was pasted over with several layers of fiberglass outside and inside.

A training sailing yacht was taken as a basis for the hull of this boat. The hull was completely liberated from the internal elements. Another training sailing yacht of a smaller length was cut in half lengthwise and the halves of the hull were fixed on the main hull of the new boat. This was done to make the boat more stable on the water.

Then we installed the cabin and started working on the internal elements of the construction, such as amplifiers, wiring, place for the captain and others.

All furniture, outdoor decorations and many technical solutions– are a completely exclusive work specifically for this project.

Today our boat successfully carries out it`s tasks and pleases lovers.