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Brakes on boat trailer
Brakes on boat trailer

Sometimes you should think, why, when you tow a 23ft boat on a trailer behind your truck and when you press the brake pedal, the loaded trailer hits your car from behind and doesn't want to stop. The problem is quite popular. Some guys who have a boat on the trailer forget to inspect and maintain the trailer. They think that the trailer is needed to throw the boat on the water and then load it back.

Your trailers, all of them, even the most expensive and high-quality, constantly contact with the water. This is detrimental to all parts of your trailer. The exception is only the frame of the trailer. All other parts -electrical wiring, taillights, lodgements under the boat, all the bolts and nuts and wheels and brakes.

After the customer complained about the poor braking quality of his trailer, we decided to remove one wheel and see what was going on. The result of the inspection is in the photos. Absolutely everything, that used to be called the braking system, undergone the strongest corrosion and fully rotted. Even the tube for the brake fluid turned to dust.

We replaced the entire trailer braking system, starting with the main brake cylinder and ending with the brake pads. Brake drums, brake pads, brake pipes, wheel bearings and wheel hubs and much more details were replaced with new ones. The work took 3 days. One person worked.