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Technema 80 install of audio
Technema 80 install of audio

The task included replacing of the old acoustic system with a fundamentally new one in terms of quality and sound. The main condition was using of professional concert amplifiers. For doing this we were generously given a whole wardrobe in the main salon.

We installed 4 amplifiers with a total amount of 4 KW + 1 amplifier for karaoke system microphones, and two crossovers for accurate spread of frequencies over the speakers.

All the speakers on this boat were replaced with new ones. Special reinforced and completely sealed enclosures were assembled for all the subwoofers (we installed 4 pieces). Pictures of the subwoofer enclosures you see here - is a stage before pasting of the inner part with fiberglass. We also installed a new TV and Harman/Kardon receiver.

The whole audio system got very easy control with the help of the "Smart house" system.