Boats repair in Oceanside, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Long Beach.

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Maxum 2900 SE
Maxum 2900 SE

This is an interesting and slow project for us. One day, we were called by a man who asked to go with him to the boat and fully inspect it before buying. After spending a few hours on the boat, we gave to the client a written conclusion about the condition and quality of this motor yacht. Our client bought this boat a few days later and we met again to discuss the details of the repair and installation of the necessary equipment on the boat. We got an impressive list of works and after receiving the advance payment from the client, we started to work.

First of all, we installed a Lewmar anchor winch and replaced the old anchor rope with a chain (of course, we did not forget to leave a small segment of the rope at the end of the chain for emergency relief of the anchor and chain). Then we installed Raymarine radar and Raymarine multi-function display. The installation of transducer we left to the moment of lifting the boat out of the water. We managed to install power inverter 12V-110V while the boat was on the water, and one extra battery. When absence of a standalone Hi voltage generator, the inverter is necessary for the client to operate mainly kitchen equipment, and also for autonomous stay in the ocean for several days.

We managed to replace the plumbing (mixers and some feed and drain hoses) , laid the wiring and prepared everything for the installation of new trance plates Lenco before lifting the boat out of the water.

We spent a lot of time searching for a Shipyard, that could lift our boat, put it on the racks and give our guys the opportunity to work on this boat for the next two days. In 95% of the cases when we called different companies, we heard the same answer: "Yes, we will lift your boat, but only the guys from our company can work on it, we are ready to do all the necessary work for you." We knew that if we gave these works to other people, we would not be fully confident of the quality of all the work carried out, and it would cost more than one additional thousand dollars for our client. We and you, who are reading this text now, know how much Shipyards charge for one hour of work. A small digression: Our company always takes care about keeping our clients ' funds and only we can give you a great quality work at a very good price.

After a couple of days we agreed about lifting the boat on the shipyard Basin Marine in Newport beach. We would like to thank the owner of this company Derek New for giving us the opportunity to work on his territory.

After lifting the boat out of the water, we installed new trance plates, transducer Raymarine, replaced all the anodes on the transmissions. At the time of diagnosis of the engines before buying the boat, we identified a problem with the right side. Oil stains constantly appeared on the water. There were several variants of reasons, but only during the lifting we were able to inspect the transmission and the trance assembly and find the true problem.

The fact is that the oil which is necessary for the transmission actuators operation (ascent and descent of the transmission) is supplied to the transmission from the engine compartment through soft tubes. This tube has a quick connection with a plastic plug between the engine and the transmission. This plug was damaged. But it is possible to replace it only completely removing the transmission from the boat. Here is this villain.

We didn't want to spend a few days of staying (for a fee) on the ground waiting for the delivery of a new connector. We searched a little and found a second-hand connector in excellent condition, we just replaced it`s rubbers with new ones. Of course, it was agreed with the client.

After installing the transmission and full inspection and verification- we lowered the boat in the water and went back to Long Beach. Please note that our client was not present when sailing from the marina to the shipyard and back, and he was not interested in the technical side of the process. We say this to inform you, that, contacting with us, you will not waste your personal time, of course, if you do not want to.

After returning to Long Beach, we carried out a complete cleaning of the boat to give it to the client. At the request of the client, we installed a TV and a DVD player in the cabin of the yacht and produced and installed new registered letters of pre-approved design. The letters are made of polished stainless steel with a bottom layer of plexiglass to backlight the letters. Now this boat is called King tut.

We wish you a great rest on your new boat, Doctor!