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Repair of body on Jet Sky
Repair of body on Jet Sky

A Stand Up jetski Kawasaki was old and has seen a lot in his life. This poor guy has caught a lot of stones and shores during his long life and it has had more than one "quick" repair of the bow. When we were given this poor guy, his whole front part was covered with a kind of rubber layer with filling, a variety of glues and other rubbish under it. This jetski is very dear to our client and he asked to repair it as qualitatively as possible.

We took out the fuel tank from the front part of the hull and began to remove from the damaged part of the hull everything, that was not fiberglass and gel coat. The result was a very impressive hole. The water was very deeply absorbed into the damaged fiberglass, and we had to cut off these parts in order to completely eliminate moisture in the layers of the hull.

Then we completely restored the shape and strength of the hull, using only fiberglass and polyester resin. Then we covered the place of repairing with gel-coat and polished a little. The result you can see in the photos.

We think we gifted a second life to this jetski.